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2016 17 NBA Betting Preview

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They're calling it the "most anticipated season ever" in NBA betting. Following an offseason that saw LeBron James and Chris Bosh relocate to South Beach, we are left to ponder whether the power structure has tipped to the Eastern Conference. Out West, you've got the two-time defending champ LA Lakers, who are the overwhelming favorite to at least repeat as conference champs, now at 5/6 betting odds to win the conference. Unlike another major pro sports, there's usually little surprise with who ends up winning the NBA Title,vert shock review so look with this year's champion to come out of that quartet.

The Miami Heat have the highest projected NBA future changes that we have seen in many years with the oddsmakers calling for 64.5 regular season wins. Playing with a chip on their shoulder, they will conclude with the best regular season record. Save yourself the $7.95, it costs to purchase a magazine and the time it takes to peruse the net and only take it from us that every credible outlet of NBA experts will have the Heat, Magic, Celtics and the Bulls as their top four teams in the East with the latter two winning their divisions by a huge margin. Milwaukee and Atlanta, likely for the reason that order, will conclude in the five and six spots. The pursuit for the final two spots is wide open, and it may not take a.500 record to finish that high. We'll go with the brand new look Knicks (if not now for the playoffs, then when?) and the Bobcats (with Jordan running the team in the 18th green) to round out the playoff picture. Miami will win this conference. 


Out West, there is certainly a huge margin between the Lakers and everyone else. Then, the border between about eight or nine teams is amazingly minimal, likely just a couple of games. Consequently, you will likely have a repeat of last season when the difference between the #2 and #8 seed was only five games. Oklahoma City is the fashionable pick to complete second and win the Northwest Division, and we like the Thunder. Dallas gets a slight nod over San Antonio in the Southwest in a battle of two teams whose championship window has probably closed. Can Portland finally fulfill its possibility? Utah and Houston appear like safe bets to make it to the postseason. The final spot could go to any one of the following teams: Phoenix, New Orleans, Denver or possibly the up and coming Clippers.more info

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